Top 5 Best Video Editors For Pc In 2023

Top 5 Best Video Editors For Pc In 2023 :When you want to create an impression, nothing works better than moving pictures with sound. Because of this, virtual video continues to gain popularity online, whether it be on news websites, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. This trend, together with the proliferation of high-definition video recordings devices like smartphones, GoPros, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras, make the need for robust video editing software abundantly evident.

Top 5 Best Video Editors For Pc In 2023
Top 5 Best Video Editors For Pc In 2023

Adobe Premiere Elements

The cross-platform Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 is the best video-enhancing tool for the general public in terms of user-friendliness, powerful features, and methods to export your movie.

To make editing more accessible, the software uses artificial intelligence from Adobe called Sense.Ai. With new support for 4K resolutions, stabilized video, tools for selective edits, double-exposure footage, and real-time effects, its Guided Edits feature is still an excellent tool for beginner filmmakers to help them understand the whole process. The 2022 version also includes support for vertical videos, new social media outputs, and video reframing.

However, it still needs features like 360-degree video editing and assistance for Multicam editing. But out of all the video editing programs we’ve looked at, Adobe’s program is the most comprehensive.

 Final Cut Pro

A “trackless” timeline and a redesigned, modern interface are features of Final Cut Pro. After using this interface for a while, an editor will appreciate its adaptability and realize that it offers the same tools and capabilities as any software with a more traditional design. Final Cut Pro, unlike Premiere Pro, is only compatible with Apple computers, which are the preferred choice of many video editors.

The program is a beautiful fit for specialists, as seen by the wide selection of top Hollywood films and shows produced in Final Cut Pro. Still, its usability also makes it a terrific alternative for newbie enthusiasts, particularly those wanting to move up from Apple iMovie.

Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is an enjoyable video editing program for beginning Mac users that combines expert trailers and themes, a tonne of computer graphics, and an easy-to-use user interface. Additionally, it is free, making it a perfect place to start if you need to do simple video modifications. IMovie now supports 4K editing and sharing in addition to 1080p and 60 fps video handling. Recent revisions improved the user interface and introduced support for the Touch Bar on modern MacBooks.

One of iMovie’s additional benefits is that you may work on the same project on either a Mac computer or desktop, then switch to your iPad to continue editing. For those that need flexibility, it is a fully functional feature.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro, created by the leader in cutting-edge layout software, Adobe, is a standard among professional video editing programs. Any professional should be able to get all the output options, color tools, and collaborative features they need from Premiere. Unlike some other apps, you are not restricted to just one desktop platform or the other since it operates on both macOS and Windows. Premiere Pro is only accessible by subscription. Therefore the initial value is minimal, but it succeeds in the long run.

Premiere Pro is intended for experienced video editors, as suggested by its name. Despite this, many talented amateurs use it and enjoy it. It’s especially effective for individuals and organizations using Adobe’s Creative Cloud software that wish to interact with one another.


  • clear, flexible interface
  • many organizing tools
  • responsive speed
  • Apps for video creation are many, and the stabilization technology is excellent.
  • Many Multicam angles


  • intimidating user interface for laypeople
  • Some approaches need extra software, such as Media Encoder or After Effects.
  • Sound effect samples are not included.


If you need evidence of how well-regarded Lightworks is, consider that several award-winning movies, like Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Jerry Maguire, were made using the Pro version.

Even the free version features a wide variety of relatively advanced tools, including stunning audio editing options, visual effects, color adjustments, and more. In contrast, the output is limited to 720p, which is OK if you’re only making a home movie to watch with family but not for a more critical project.

For $24/month or $240/year, you can upgrade to the Pro model, which unlocks 4K output in addition to a host of additional features like the Boris Graffiti plugin, more import options, sophisticated task sharing, timeline rendering, and others. Or, purchase it outright for $390 and get all of the benefits above in addition to Boris FX.

The UI may also take some getting used to compared to specific apps, but it is still straightforward enough for a beginner to understand with a bit of help from the numerous tutorials. As an added plus, it is compatible with almost every platform, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.



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