Top 5 best Android Games to play in 2023

Regardless of genre, the best Android games offer nearly endless entertainment potential. Strategy games, first-person shooters, puzzlers, and other games are all available on the Play Store.

The challenge is combing the many Play Store titles to find the most exciting games. While some of the best Android video games are free, you may come across a handful that demands a fee to download. You may also find yourself pondering if a specific paid game is worthwhile.

Not to worry: we’ve accumulated the best of the best in a single location, covering numerous distinct categories. Whether you want to spend hours in an RPG, play something with friends, or put your strategic abilities to the test, we’ve got you covered with the best Android games we’ve discovered.

Mobile Apex Legends

Since practically everyone else has brought or is bringing their AAA shooter to be mobile, it was just a matter of time until Electronics Arts built a cell model of Apex Legends. Because this is a cell remake, there will be no cross-play with the console or PC sport. However, you may play versus friends on iOS, indicating that there is still some go-compatibility.

But what’s even more impressive is that the game runs quite well and seems akin to the actual thing. However, since this cellular model is its component, you may expect new events and characters on mobile that the mainstream game may need to see. Best of all, the game is attractively monetized, so you cannot buy for an edge, just cosmetics, which is appreciated.

Among Us

Although it formally debuted in 2018, Among Us reigned the game world in 2020 as the most excellent paranoid quarantine hobby. At the same time, you and your fellow astronauts labour together to repair your spacecraft; unknown saboteurs plot to murder you all silently. Accept nothing and no one as accurate, whether you use appropriate old-fashioned social manipulation to dig out the truth or lie your head off to keep the deception going.

Although its extreme popularity is waning, Among Us remains a fascinating pastime with the potential to damage friendships. It’s a game centred on trickery. 5 to 10 players collect and carry out responsibilities in the region. However, there is an imposter among you (or at least some of them).

The genuine crewmates should survive the imposter, who wants to murder everyone. A good impersonator pits the crew against each other, shifting responsibility away from themselves. It’s usually a good moment to chuckle.

Call of Duty: Mobile 

When Call of Duty: Mobile was first revealed, there was initial scepticism, but that quickly dissipated when humans got their hands on the Android version of the game. It’s a well-designed cellular shooter with a plethora of weaponry to use and many things to hunt. The controls, whether touchscreen or controller, are responsive. You may also choose from various game types, including Death Match, Battle Royale, and ranked aggressive playlists.

The customization depends on your choice of guns, grenades, secondary weapons, and perks. The gunsmith adds even more complexity by allowing you to customize your favourite rifle to your playing style (and giving you attachments and camos to chase after). Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best choices for a free-to-play game. Give it a try.

Given that Fortnite is no longer available on the Play Store, Call of Duty is the obvious choice for a cutting-edge roundup. Sure, PUBG is still sailing nicely, but there’s no disputing that Call of Duty: Mobile is the cool kid in the group. It’s newer, and it’s a freaking Call of Duty. Classic maps are included for nostalgic people, and a war royale mode replicates the gameplay in every other warfare royale.

Monetization is enticing, but it is often cosmetic, even while dishonesty is a problem. But what this issue doesn’t plague aggressive cell sport? Call of Duty: Mobile does an adequate job of translating the essential characteristics of the famous shooter from consoles to mobile, yet all of the familiar issues that affect the bulk of F2P mobile video games are there.

Alto’s Adventure

The Play Store is filled with auto-runners and endless-runners, and there are a few good ones, but Alto’s Adventure is, without a doubt, one of the best. While a sequel is available, the original is where excellence rests. It’s a straightforward setup. Snowboard as far as you can while fulfilling your ambitions. When you complete an intention, you gain foreign currency, which you may spend to unlock more riders. And some of these riders have superior control and velocity, which means that the more you unleash, the more money you will win, snowballing until you complete the game.

The images are appropriate, the controls are precise, and the gaming cycle is addicting. Best of all, you may pay to remove the annoying advertising, which is a fantastic way to play for free.

The Genshin impact

Because of its gacha design, Genshin Impact is an adventure sport that may appeal to only some. Still, there’s no disputing that miHoYo Limited set a new standard for the sophistication and substance of free-to-play mobile games.

The graphics in this Zelda-like adventure are excellent. There are still just a handful of mobile video games that could be evaluated a year later. The narrative is also better than expected, and the game’s characters are distinct and exciting. Still, the commercialization is obnoxious, and you are assaulted with various sources of cash and other concerning in-game messages. There is also a lack of stop-recreation content, and you may encounter several artificial obstacles along the way, purposely slowing down your progress.

It’s a love-it-or-hate-it feature that, in the end, comes down to how ready you are to put up with grindy gameplay that’s poorly monetized. Still, Genshin is a great-looking game that’s ideal for stress-testing new hardware. There’s plenty of fun if you play casually, especially since there’s cross-save compatibility across all supported systems.

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