Top 4 Best Gaming Laptop to Buy In 2023

Nowadays, the best gaming laptops compete directly with PCs due to the performance gap that is becoming wider with each new cell CPU and graphics card. This makes these clamshell powerhouses the ideal PC for anybody looking to enjoy lots of oomph at home and take their games on the go. Although configurations have advanced to RTX 3080 Ti levels, many high-performance PCs are still available in the lower price ranges. Nowadays, there is something on the market for everyone, whether you’re looking for a rapid-charged beast or something to play a few independent games on.

Best Gaming Laptop
Best Gaming Laptop

The best gaming laptops are available in various sizes and styles to suit various demands and price ranges. So although a fully loaded $5,000+ version with the finest graphics and display could provide you with the best gaming PC experience, most people need help to afford a setup like that. We’re an enthusiast website, so our selections here are often high-end models, although the majority are offered in various configurations and at different price points. We have dedicated sections for the best gaming laptops under $1,500 and those under $1,000 for those on a solid gaming budget.

Thankfully, more gaming computer options are available than ever, ranging from affordable desktop replacements. While some choices are for the larger Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards, others opt for the more efficient Max-Q designs, which enable slimmer chassis and (sometimes) quieter fans.

1. Razor Blade 15

RTX 3080 Ti is a superb gaming computer on the market, but purchasing one will cost you a lot of money. If you have the money to spare, we suggest upgrading to the highest level of this specification, which pairs an RTX 3080 Ti GPU with an i9-12900H CPU and makes everything shine with a 144Hz 4K display. Of course, there are less expensive versions available, but if we’re talking about quality, this is where you should set your standards.

It demonstrated to us how effective modern gaming computers could be. The RTX 3080 Ti/i9-12900H combination on my desk became a true performance beast. However, this rig’s ability to provide such performance while maintaining the sleek body we have all come to know and love undoubtedly sealed its top rank among the best gaming laptops available.

Naturally, it is a moderately priced item. Starting at $2,499 is the Razer Blade 15 for 2022. For an RTX 3060 setup, ninety-nine. This is a luxury call that you are buying, but if you’re looking for one of the most technically advanced devices in a compact form size, the money is well spent.

That does mean that this isn’t always the best gaming computer for everyone – those playing lighter games may not require the horsepower on offer here, and if you’re only looking for a machine you can log into sometimes, you might not get consistent value by going all out. However, our testing speaks for itself if you’re interested in top-of-the-line equipment (and have the budget).

 2 . MSI GE76 Raider

The MSI GE76 Raider is ready as near as you can come to a desktop-grade computer, but you may also have to shell out a significant amount of money to get there. Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and Intel Core i9-12900HK are two of its excessively quick additions.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the Raider includes a large RGB light bar on the front, which, when paired with on-key lighting, creates a striking effect in the dark (or you could flip it all off if you prefer something a bit much less showy).

The 17.3-inch, 1080p display has a maximum refresh rate of 360 Hz, which is fantastic for esports gamers, but everyone else may need to remember a 1440p or 4K display depending on available options.

We priced this computer at $3,999, enough to bring tears to your eyes as you check your bank account. Although that is a very expensive price for a computer (we think that DDR5 memory is partly to blame), it is also the best performance we have seen lately.

3 . Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

For a very long time, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 ruled the world of small gaming laptops. It was one of the first devices that could be carried easily, having a design that fits both a backpack and a tabletop. The year 2022 marks the beginning of a new AMD age, and despite some heat issues and ray tracing slowdown, the G14 is made even more magnificent.

We could pack a significant amount of energy into a very little object while producing stunning results. Even though it was designed for 1080p (framerates do plunge at the local QHD+ choice), we have seen excellent results in Fire Strike and in-recreation benchmarks, especially given the strain this machine is under. Metro Exodus flew at High settings, achieving 82 frames per second consistently, while The Division 2 managed to hold onto 78 frames per second on Ultra settings.

Not the most effective, but the new 16:10 display was breathtaking. The larger peak offered by the display, which was crisp and smooth, was warmly appreciated over the services from Alienware and Razer, which gave off a cramped impression. Along the lower back is a newer LED display with finer customizable animations for a different private area.

However, we did take notice of the heat rising with heavy workloads. This could be better used on a desk rather than on a lap. Fewer 14-inch systems today—and even fewer can do so with the additional screen real estate provided to you here—can support these requirements. The G14 is the best 14-inch gaming PC we have ever held.

4 . Razer Blade 17 

In Razer, the i9-12900H

Despite being in the center of the computer’s range, the Razer Blade 17’s i9-12900H version nevertheless packs a powerful punch. It costs around $200 more than the same specification with an i7 CPU, but it’s worth digging a little deeper when you’re paying this much money. While stopping you from paying close to $5,000, an RTX 3070 Ti will shine in this QHD 240Hz show (4K is excessive for even an RTX 3080 Ti GPU).

The Razer Blade 17 has arrived, which means a new beast has entered the scene and is particularly striking. Please do not misunderstand us; this is an expensive piece of equipment. The tested i7-12800H/RTX 3080 Ti edition costs around $3,999/£4,099, but if you’re looking to invest in a gaming and content introduction powerhouse, this is the best 17.3-inch display in the market. Yes, this place does have a Razer tax. You can get budget machines with comparable features for somewhat less money (though not by a significant amount), but in return, you’re investing in a quality, durable piece of equipment with excellent engineering working behind the scenes.

When put under pressure, this gadget blasted through benchmarks like they were nothing, producing a stellar 25,484 Fire Strike score and a blitzing 12,244 Time Spy result. Real-world performance was even astounding; Total War: Three Kingdoms played smoothly at 98 frames per second on High, while Red Dead Redemption 2 maintained 90 frames per second on Ultra.



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