How To Fix TEXTURED SKIN 8 Best remedies

Skin with textured pores has lumpy, choppy facial skin. The development of a rough skin texture is often brought on by accumulating dead skin cells. The environment, aging, and acne scars may also bring it on.


It enables you to learn how to get rid of textured skin, but it also makes it possible for you to prevent the recurrence of bumpy skin on your face by knowing what can be the cause.


The majority of these common reasons for textured skin are listed below:

The most common cause of choppy skin texture is an accumulation of dead skin cells; if these aren’t removed, the skin may look dull and uneven.

Not protecting skin from the sun’s rays may cause DNA damage and impair its capacity to heal, hastening the aging process and resulting in rough skin.

Environmental toxins, such as grime and free radicals, may stress our skin and cause an uneven texture.

Decreasing collagen production – collagen is necessary for skin regeneration and repair; without it, the skin may seem old and weary.

Acne scarring – scars left behind by skin conditions like pimples may result in clearly textured skin.

Smoking: Since smoking is often very harmful to our health, it should be no surprise that it may also impact your skin.


7 Methods for Eliminating Textured Skin

Exfoliate a Minimum of Twice Weekly

Exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin cells and clearing clogged pores. Exfoliating will help to remove these cells and restore a similar skin texture since rough and bumpy skin on the face may be caused by the buildup of dead skin cells. Combining an exfoliating face wash with NIVEA Gentle Exfoliating Scrub or NIVEA MEN Protect & Care Face Scrub can help you eliminate dead skin cells and pores while also caring for your skin and improving the texture of your skin.

Take Vitamin C

Increase the Antioxidants in Your Skincare Routine, such as Vitamin C

Because of its antioxidizing properties, vitamin C is excellent in preventing damage brought on by free radicals that your skin is exposed to throughout the day and may result in an uneven skin texture. Nutrition C is included in our NIVEA Q10 Energy line for a brighter and more uniform skin tone.

Apply SPF every day, please.

Solar deterioration is typically the cause of textured skin or an uneven skin texture. Even if the weather isn’t very sunny, your skin might still get damaged by the sun’s UV radiation. Using a face moisturizer with SPF or a specific sunscreen, such as the NIVEA UV Face Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments Sun Cream SPF 30, will help protect your skin from the sun and lessen the appearance of textured skin.

Keep hydrated.

Making sure you drink enough water daily is one of the easiest ways to get rid of textured skin. In addition to the above fitness benefits, being hydrated may help keep skin moisturized and clean. Dehydrated skin may seem silly and cracked, which may cause an uneven skin tone.

Consider a chemical peel.

Chemical peels may lighten dark spots and smooth out the skin’s texture. They function by removing the top layer of skin, leaving smoother and brisker-looking skin underneath the surface. You may try a chemical peel at a salon or home. Chemical peels may also aid in the removal of acne scars.

Control Excess Sebum with a Facial Oil

Because it clogs pores and traps debris and dead skin cells, excess sebum may cause uneven skin texture. It may also seem contradictory to use oil to reduce oil, but the truth is that the more natural oils you remove, the more your body will manufacture to make up for it. To get rid of textured pores and skin, consider using a product like the NIVEA Q10 60+ Multi-Action Pampering Oil.

Increase collagen production if you can

Textured skin is also a result of a collagen deficiency. Unfortunately, collagen production slows down with age, so you should work to increase the amount your body puts out. You may build collagen with facial massages, a healthy diet, increasing levels of vitamin C, micro-needling, and face products that aid production. Our NIVEA Q10 products are specially created to provide aging skin the power it needs to produce collagen. Find the NIVEA Q10 product that is best for you as you work to boost your radiance and care for your skin.



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