5 Best Ways Fix iPhone Overheating

iPhone Overheating : Have you ever picked up your iPhone, and it felt almost warm, maybe to the point where you thought it was overheating? While it’s normal for phones and other devices to warm up when doing a demanding activity, mainly iPhones, you shouldn’t ever feel ready to scorch your skin. They possess temperature sensors, which are said to disclose the tool and keep it from being overheated, which explains why.

How To Fix iPhone Over Heating
How To Fix iPhone Over Heating

But in actuality, the sensors could be more flawless. As a result, sometimes they can’t keep the temperature down. Your smartphone will start to feel warm to you at that point. But don’t be afraid. This article will walk you through a few potential causes for your iPhone’s heat sensation and provide suggestions for what to do in such a situation.

What’s making my iPhone warm?

Although there is no longer a single specific reason why your iPhone becomes heated, several usual causes exist. These include:

faulty battery

If your battery is acting up or having trouble, it may be overworking itself or, worse still, it may be the phone’s overheating component. Consider how often this occurs if your phone is older since your battery may need to be changed.

blazing sunlight

Have you forgotten your iPhone at home while running outside or without any color? Your phone may get so hot from direct sunshine that it may shut off. If you attempt to use your iPhone in this setting, it will warm up much faster.

jogging apps

When too many active applications are running in the background at once, your phone should warm up. Even when you launch an app by mistake and aren’t actively using it, like putting on a stopwatch or leaving your camera open, it might still become hot.

perpetual streaming

Similar to the previous point, but more so, this one is about the use of continuous statistics. Attempting to make a long-distance video call or streaming a movie might cause that.


Your smartphone’s processing load, which is a significant factor in how hot the device gets, may be influenced by factors like screen brightness and auto-lock time at the display.

software substitute

Sometimes the bugs in the code are only insects. An issue might be why a program keeps running again on a loop. Or the reason the phone isn’t going off might be a script that misinterprets a temperature sensor. Software upgrades are essential because of this in any case. They are intended to assist in repairing and restoring these kinds of issues.

How to make your iPhone cooler

You can now see why your iPhone could be overheated. What are those records used for? How can you calm your iPhone down so you can use it again? Here are a few ideas that might assist you in doing exactly that.

Turn off your phone.

A faulty socket or outlet likely is to blame for your iPhone overheating while it’s being charged. In any case, the smartphone is no longer to blame, which is at least excellent news.

2. Take the case away

That may also cause your iPhone to overheat, depending on the case you’re using. You must immediately remove the cover if you feel the warmth of your iPhone through it to prevent it from becoming much hotter.

3. Exit all of the applications.

Your phone’s CPU may be at its maximum capacity due to open applications, driving the device into overdrive. If your phone has a Home button, you can swipe up on the applications you wish to close after pressing the Home button twice. If your device lacks a Home button, slide up from the bottom while keeping your finger in the center of the screen until you see the app manager.

Four last apps for the iPhone before they close. Start your phone again

Even with applications you use every day; there are sometimes some awful or strange software programs running. Just a little destruction will do for your mobile. Fortunately, you need to reset your iPhone to give it a much-needed break.

Which type of iPhone you have will determine how to restart it. If your device has a Sleep/Wake button on the top, you may depress that button. After that, move the slider.

It is recommended to hold the side Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Up button simultaneously on an iPhone in any of its variations. The slider may then be moved to turn off the device.

Please put it in a fantastic location.

This may seem common sense, but changing the iPhone’s surroundings can be very helpful. Try keeping it in front of your AC vent if you’re in the vehicle. Consider supporting it near a fan or placing it briefly on your refrigerator if you’re at home.

As you read at the beginning of the article, a little overheating on your iPhone is typical. However, it must never hurt you. Fortunately, after reading this message, you are aware of specific actions you may take to improve the situation the following time.



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